I think I need new computer chassis

I think I need new computer chassis

Postby Carniflex » Fri Apr 19, 2013 10:12 am

There is my current one - http://www.overclock.net/t/1262095/soli ... x120mm-rad

As you can see its heavily modified Revoltec Fifty 3, which is relatively cheap 40 eur case, however as I have found out its a bit too small, as I have particularly hard time with cable management and making both GFC cards and HDD's to fit in there.

Well, I should add that I have small car, thats why I have such a small case. But I think I'll need a bit bigger case. So if you know any cases you are fond of let me know and I'll take a closer look at them.

What I'm after is at least ATX size, but reasonable outside dimensions, particularly width is important as I can put up to 285 mm wide thing in my car trunk without getting creative in how I do it (Toyota Aygo), external radiator is 46mm and fans are 25mm thick and i would love to leave about 10mm between the case and rad as well .. so ... lets say max 200 mm in one dimension, other are not as important, but would be nice if it would be smaller than 600x600 mm in other two dimensions.

Having 9x 5.25'' bays is plus. I like to have all my HDD's and SSD's in hot swap brackets if possible.

I'm looking atm at http://www.sharkoon.com/?q=en/content/rebel9-economy but I'm not very sure about it. It's such a plain case, even if I do "stuff" with it. I like the PSU on top tho as that way if it leaks it at least will miss the PSU.
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