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This is a great idea and as such i have composed a draft recruitment post. I would like to hear your thoughts on, and if possible, any ways i could improve it.
Thanks in advance.

Starhunt - A member of Explicit Alliance (not in anyway pets of PL)

Come join us now for more entertainment on mumble than you will have ever experienced before.
We are a sov holding alliance in Colbalt Edge, the prime of null sec space. We own 2 of our own stations, well, technically own may be a bit strong, Marius owns two, well i'm going overboard at 2, we have 1 built and one is somewhere, someplace still in a belt. None the less, the station that we do have access to has a fully stocked market at jita prices, sometimes. Usually it's overpriced and people bitch about it, but hey, every alliance has its bitches. Also there are no offices left, well, none at a reasonable cost anyways.

So, we run cool blops fleets, roaming gangs, mining ops, pve ops, incursions, level 5's and even some exploration. That's when we are not knife in back forced down to curse, on the lead of someone else, fighting for a system that no one gives a shit about, hell, even Chribba didn't care to lose it!

We do however get super kills from time to time as proved by our killboard - insert kb link here. And no, that is not just us all whoring on mails, we did bring a couple of brutix to the fight, oh and my buzzard with civ gun, but a kills a kill right?

We are run by a high command. It is basically an elusive boys own club, which you get access to by providing Thebokchoy with copious amounts of shiny bottle tops, provide oral sex or are very good at keeping a storm in a teacup, rather than spilling it everywhere and thus burning every other poor fucker around you.

As a corp starhunt were formed in the fire of FIX, although very few in corp actually remember those good old days, where eve was fun, solo pvp was viable, being rich meant having more than 100mill or owning a dread, unlike these days whereby unless you own multiple caps, and have a mutli billion isk wallet, you will be considered a scrub and reminded of such point regularly by douchebags like me.

Our tax rate is at 10%, we'd like it lower but there would be no viable way for us as directors to skim isk from the corp wallet at a reasonable level if we lowered it, so you'll have to deal with that.

In all honesty, i wouldn't join starhunt, you'll be richer and less stressed if you just go and join some high sec alliance, where you'll get all the frills and faux roles you could ever want.

So why am i in starhunt? Because i don't play eve on easy, and i know one thing for sure, i wouldn't change it for all the isk, whores and free blowjobs in the world.

Also, i am the corp diplomat and recruitment officer, and until you become a member of our blessed band of non conforming special snowflakes, in this here alliance, you are nothing more than a mere pest.
For recruitment please convo someone other than myself, possibly some other corp, i really don't care.

Kind regards,
Lady Skazka
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Re: Recruitment

Postby zukie shafani » Mon Oct 28, 2013 7:14 pm

Awesome but the CCP censorship battalion........ Still one of the best recruitment posts I have ever read. Well done lady.
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Re: Recruitment

Postby Din'stalor Alaric » Wed Oct 30, 2013 2:20 pm

Why thank you fellow corpie for you enthusiastic feedback. I do try :)
I was actually tempted to leak it to the eve o forums, but i think it would do more harm than good, so until a time comes whereby we have nothing to lose, this little gem has to stay an inside joke only :(
Kris Xavier aka Ash

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Re: Recruitment

Postby Carniflex » Tue Dec 16, 2014 7:46 pm

Uhh .. that post seems to be pretty old ;)

Lemme update something:

Corporation philosophy. In a nutshell we are sort of capitalist dictatorship.

(1) Strong self sufficient members make a strong self sufficient corporation. Taxes are tuned to just cover the running costs of the corp, no subsidies or corporate level SRP to speak of. You can get capital ships from corporation at mineral cost, either isk in Jita mineral prices or bring your own minerals format. These are done to the order so takes few weeks to cook one as we are not running manufacturing stuff consistently.
(2) Corporation has one head, which is our CEO DAD (on break atm until September bcos of RL, I am atm second in command and running corporation day-to-day stuff). When he orders people to hop everyone does, however, he does so very rarely and only when significant corporation assets are on line. There is small number of directors handling day to day operations and acting as advisory board for CEO. Everyone is free to chime in their opinion and CEO and directors do take note what people think about stuff but it is not democracy. That out of the way - usually stuff happens in line with what majority of currently active corporation members think is a good idea. Other than CEO being the boss STRH is relatively non-formal. It is more like mobster family than marine corps.
(3) You are pretty much free to do what you will as long as it does not bring down shitstorm down the neck of the rest of corporation. Ofc everyone is expected to pull their weight and be reasonably self sufficient, but if you fall then corporation is there to smooth the landing a bit. There is small number of services the corporation offers to make life easier for line members like corp courier service, cyno net for moving capitals, etc. Which are run by older members of corp at basically the costs of the consumables out of their own free time. These are in addition to alliance internal services and are usually substantially cheaper.
(4) Unifing theme for the corporation is PvP. All members are expected to have at least some interest in it. We will not chew your ear off if you like to mine or PvE most of the day as long as you make some blips on the kill-board from time to time and/or are just good guy to chat to. That out of the way Real Life comes first. If you cant make it to the CTA you can't - just keep it quiet in alliance chat and try to not make embarrassing lossmail while there is some strategic OP going on.

We are atm in Mordus Angels – which is NPC pure blind pvp focused alliance. Mostly small/medium gang stuff with rare structure grind thrown in once in a while. Pretty relaxed so mandatory CTA's are rather rare but quite active and pretty well organized. They use Teamspeak, jabber and (for planned ops) so information flow is decent plus ofc the intel channels. Red to goons block, other than that pretty neutral to everybody else, atm there is light blue with TRI/Black Legion so occasionally people go and fly with them for larger fleet stuff.

In corp we have atm small number of pretty active pvp guys atm but I would like to have couple more to make corp roams a bit more viable. Although ofc we are relaxed about this so this is an opportunity, not something we whip people into. Downside is that being in the middle of goonlands the conventional isk grind is a bit unreliable. What people do is exploration and with new Mordus ships introduced the missions are also viable source of income as well. Just took a look the other night about the LP payouts and these are quite damn good with it being nullnull. L3 I looked at (blocade) offered ~5k LP and L4's creep into 20+k LP range for longer ones. Thats damn good considering you can get Mordus frig BPC for 20k LP. Few people use HAC's to blitz them and it seems quite easily doable. Hell – you can blitz most L3's in under 10 mins in a HAC or BC. There is ofc always couple reds present (more so atm when we are not at home) which should not be an huge issue as long as you are alert. Sisters of Eve null null pccket is also just 3j out and the we are blue with good number of people living in there as well.

Few links as well:
STRH recent kills:
MOA recent activity:
System where we live: (clones in X-7OMU).

Mordu frig BPC: Garmur Blueprint: 20,000 LP and 10,000,000 isk
Mordu cruiser BPC: Orthrus Blueprint: 80,000 LP and 20,000,000 isk
Mordu BS BPC: Barghest Blueprint: 400,000 LP and 100,000,000 isk
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